Visitation rights in case of refusal of the child

Visitation rights in case of refusal of the child After the divorce, even if only one of the former spouses is the sole custodian of the child, still the noncustodial parent is granted with visitation rights. Visitation rights consist of the right of the divorced parent to maintain meaningful relationships with their children. Usually, the […]

Equal time in co-parenting

Co-parenting is a principle established by the legal system that allows the active participation of both parents in the life of the progeny, having as the main measure the shared custody. The principle of co-parenting, however, does not involve the mathematical division of time to be spent with the children, but rather the active and […]

Violating Shared Custody is a crime

When the spouses separate, the judge rules over the custody of the children. If shared custody is ordered, it is necessary that the children continue to stay with both parental figures, sharing equally the time to be spent with both with each other, except when evident obstacles are in place.  But what if the former […]

Protests against the bill Pillon

The legislative proposal on shared custody of children in separated couples is called “DDL Pillon” and it is inspired by the principle of “perfect double-parenthood” and wants to replace the previous law on joint custody (Law no. 54/2006). The text, widely discussed and debated, cancels the alimony, provides for double domicile of the child and […]