Italian citizenship by marriage

Italian defamation and social media If you are a foreign citizen or a stateless person and you marry an Italian citizen, according to Italian Law, you are eligible to obtain the so-called Italian citizenship by marriage. Requirements Italian citizenship by marriage can be obtained when one of the spouses is Italia.Under Italian Law, the non-Italian […]

Bank loans for property purchase in Italy

Bank loans for property purchase in Italy According to Italian Law, foreign citizens have the faculty to apply for a bank loan in order to purchase a property in Italy. If you are not Italian or Italian resident and you are interested in buying, restoring or refurbishing an Italian property you can apply for a […]

The rent-to-buy contract under Italian Law

The rent-to-buy contract under Italian Law The rent-to-buy contract allows a promissory purchaser to immediately start living in a property, as a tenant, with the obligation of the vendor to sell the property later on, deducting the paid rental fees from the selling price. In the rent-to-buy contract, part of the rental fees is allocated […]

No cohabitation required for residence permit renewal

Once married to an Italian citizen, the foreign citizen has the right to obtain a residence permit for family reasons, the renewal of which can be issued even if the couple no longer cohabits. The residence permit for family reasons allows to carry out any category of work and it allows access to social services, […]

The danger of claims of property

In the case of a preliminary contract for a property purchase, the promissory buyer may suspend payment of the price when he has reason to fear that the property may be claimed by third parties, unless the seller has provided for an appropriate guarantee. This principle is established by Article 1481 of the Italian Civil […]