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If you are a foreign citizen or a stateless person and you marry an Italian citizen, according to Italian Law, you are eligible to obtain the so-called Italian citizenship by marriage.


Italian citizenship by marriage can be obtained when one of the spouses is Italia.
Under Italian Law, the non-Italian spouse married to an Italian citizen may apply:

  1. After 2 years from marriage, if the spouse is resident in Italy;
  2. After 3 years from marriage, if the spouse is resident abroad.

These requirements are reduced by 50% if there are born or adopted minor children.
It is essential that no divorce or separation has occurred during this period of time.
If the marriage took place abroad, in order to obtain citizenship, it is necessary to acquire the transcription of the marriage in Italy, as the first thing.
Italy recognizes same-sex unions, so all same-sex marriages celebrated abroad may be lawfully registered as Civil Unions, under Italian Law.

Request for citizenship

The citizenship acquisition by marriage is not at all automatic, but it is necessary to apply for it.
The request for Italian citizenship is generally made at the relevant Prefecture or Consulate. It will be necessary to submit several legal documents, some of which are required to be translated and legalized. For this reason, it is always recommended to be assisted by an expert lawyer.
The request, in fact, may be rejected. May requests are rejected for incomplete submission of documents.

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