Can a Non-Resident Parent Have Joint Custody?

Can a Non-Resident Parent Have Joint Custody

Can a non-resident parent who does not live in Italy have the right to joint custody of their children, or should exclusive custody be applied? When parents separate, arrangements must be made for the custody of minor children. According to the law, the offspring should continue to have contact with both parents, taking into account […]

Can an Aggressive Father Be Granted Child Custody?

Aggressive Father

The manifestation of aggression towards the child’s mother doesn’t always prevent the possibility of recognizing paternity and obtaining joint custody. When parents of a child separate, it’s customary for them to share joint custody, which implies equal rights, responsibilities, and decision-making powers. However, how much can a violent history towards an ex-partner affect the judge’s […]

Children heard in separation proceedings

Children heard in separation proceedings

In separation proceedings, children can be heard by the judge if they are 12 years old or older, or if they are considered “capable of discernment.” The hearing is conducted in a private and age-appropriate setting, ensuring calmness and confidentiality. Parents undergoing a separation procedure often worry about how their children will be involved. They […]

Child support – extraordinary expenses

Child support - extraordinary expenses

Child support is a common source of conflict in separated or divorced couples. While regular expenses are typically included in the monthly support payment, the issue arises when it comes to extraordinary expenses that cannot be predicted in advance. Often, one parent covers these costs without consulting the other, leading to disputes over reimbursement. To […]

Parental Custody: Ensuring Children’s Welfare in Cases of Neglected Support

Parental Custody

Father loses custody if he fails to support his children, according to the Milan Court. In cases where the father completely neglects his financial obligations, exclusive custody is granted to the mother. The court has the authority to override the rule of shared custody if it is determined to be detrimental to the child’s best […]