Child support – extraordinary expenses

Child support - extraordinary expenses

Child support is a common source of conflict in separated or divorced couples. While regular expenses are typically included in the monthly support payment, the issue arises when it comes to extraordinary expenses that cannot be predicted in advance. Often, one parent covers these costs without consulting the other, leading to disputes over reimbursement.

To address this, separation and divorce agreements often establish a predetermined proportion for sharing extraordinary expenses, such as 50% each. However, this doesn’t resolve all potential problems, especially if one parent argues that the expenses were unnecessary.

Extraordinary expenses for child support are defined as those that go beyond the ordinary living expenses of the children. They are significant, unpredictable, and not part of the children’s regular lifestyle. Examples include medical and dental care, surgical interventions, orthodontic treatments, private tutoring, sports activities, language courses, and expensive items like smartphones or cars.

Determining how these expenses are divided between parents can be complex. The custodial parent, who lives with the children, often incurs the expenses and seeks reimbursement from the other parent. However, disagreements can arise regarding the necessity of the expenses. Resolving such disputes may require legal intervention.

In summary, while regular child support covers ordinary expenses, extraordinary expenses pose challenges. Separation and divorce agreements typically outline how these costs should be shared, but disputes can still arise. Communication, clarity, and legal guidance are crucial to navigate these situations and ensure fair distribution of the financial responsibilities.

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