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Reconciliation after divorce: consequences on the alimony

Reconciliation after divorce consequences on the alimony

The Italian Supreme Court of Cassation recently examined an interesting case concerning the consequences of requesting a revision of divorce allowance after the reconciliation of former spouses. In this case, the Court was asked to decide a matter of reconciliation between two former spouses, but it took the opportunity to discuss the broader issue of […]

Grandparents must support their grandchild if the parent fails to pay

Grandparents must support their grandchild if the parent fails to pay

The Supreme Court of Cassation, in sentence No. 1520/2023, reiterates a principle already expressed in 2022 (Ordinance No. 30368/2022) and established by the Civil Code in Article 316 bis. The case began with the separation of the spouses years ago. The father of the child did not have a job and lived with his parents, […]

When the husband dies who gets the money?

When the husband dies, who gets the money

When a person dies, the division of their current account depends on whether it is a single-person account or jointly held by a couple in a community of property or separation of assets. This situation can be difficult for surviving family members, who may also have to deal with complex financial and legal issues. In […]

Adoption by same-sex couples: the ruling of the Court of Cassation

Adoption by same-sex couples the ruling of the Court of Cassation

In a recent ruling, the United Sections of the Italian Supreme Court addressed the case of a child born abroad through surrogacy, due to the will of a same-sex couple. In this case, one of the men had donated his sperm, which was used to fertilize an egg from a donor. The resulting embryo was […]