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Intestate Heirs: Who They Are and How Inheritance Works

Intestate Heirs

When a person dies without a will, understanding who inherits their assets becomes crucial. The legal system outlines specific rules to distribute the deceased’s estate, prioritizing close relatives. This process is known as “legitimate succession.” Legitimate succession comes into play when: There is no will. The will is declared invalid. The will only disposes of […]

What Does Inheritance Mean and How Does It Work

What Does Inheritance Mean and How Does It Work

The Difference Between Legal and Testamentary Inheritance The legal language often has technical terms that, most of the time, have an equivalent in the common language used by the general population. One of these terms is “inheritance”: what is inheritance, and what does it mean? In a single sentence, we could define inheritance as the […]

What economically changes between separation and divorce?

Separation What is a Parenting Plan

Differences between separation and divorce: the prerequisites for alimony are different between the two. There are still many differences between separation and divorce when it comes to the prerequisites for recognizing and quantifying alimony. However, judges (especially those at the first instance) are increasingly trying to bring the two institutions closer together to eliminate discrimination […]

Separation: What is a Parenting Plan?

Separation What is a Parenting Plan

What should be included in the document that lawyers must attach to the initial petitions for separation and divorce? Following the Cartabia reform, anyone wishing to separate or divorce must attach a parenting plan to their petition, outlining the main activities involving minor children. The aim is to promote the concrete implementation of the principle […]

Selfies with the Lover: Legal Consequences

Selfies with the Lover Legal Consequences

What happens to the spouse who posts photos with their lover on social media? Separation, fault, compensation: the legal risks of an extramarital relationship. Love often makes people reckless. This is what happens to people who, despite being married, don’t hide their adulterous relationship and post photos with their new partner on social media. However, […]