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Does marriage duration affect alimony?

Does marriage duration affect alimony

Have you wondered about the connection between marriage duration and alimony in cases of separation and divorce? This topic prompts crucial questions. Does a short-lived marriage entitle the lower-earning spouse to post-divorce financial support? How does the judge weigh marriage duration? Are there legal guidelines? Insights from Italy’s Court of Cassation shed light. Alimony applies […]

Rules for Succession

Rules for Succession what you need to know

Who inherits with or without a will, legitimate heirs and heirs entitled to a portion, payment of debts left by the deceased: what you need to know. To know exactly who will receive your assets when you have passed away, you need to understand the rules of inheritance. In this article, we will explain what […]

Children heard in separation proceedings

Children heard in separation proceedings

In separation proceedings, children can be heard by the judge if they are 12 years old or older, or if they are considered “capable of discernment.” The hearing is conducted in a private and age-appropriate setting, ensuring calmness and confidentiality. Parents undergoing a separation procedure often worry about how their children will be involved. They […]

Child support – extraordinary expenses

Child support - extraordinary expenses

Child support is a common source of conflict in separated or divorced couples. While regular expenses are typically included in the monthly support payment, the issue arises when it comes to extraordinary expenses that cannot be predicted in advance. Often, one parent covers these costs without consulting the other, leading to disputes over reimbursement. To […]

Anticipating Succession: How to Legitimately Receive an Inheritance Advance

Anticipating Succession

Anticipating succession can be achieved through various means, one being donations made while still alive. Donations, whether of immovable property or money, are considered an advance on the inheritance, reducing the total estate value. However, if the donor has close relatives, the donated assets will still be part of the legal share reserved for them […]