Can a Non-Resident Parent Have Joint Custody?

Can a Non-Resident Parent Have Joint Custody

Can a non-resident parent who does not live in Italy have the right to joint custody of their children, or should exclusive custody be applied? When parents separate, arrangements must be made for the custody of minor children. According to the law, the offspring should continue to have contact with both parents, taking into account […]

Understanding the Legal Concept of ‘Addebito’ in Spousal Separation

Understanding the Legal Concept of 'Addebito' in Spousal Separation

The concept of “addebito” in the separation of spouses is akin to assigning “blame” to one of the parties for the failure of the marriage. When two people marry, they commit to basic rules, such as fidelity, mutual assistance, and living together under the same roof. If one spouse violates these rules, leading to the […]

Revoking a Will: Navigating the Withdrawal Process

Revoking a Wil

A will is the document through which a person can dictate the distribution of their estate after their passing. For its validity, specific formal requirements must be observed. Another fundamental aspect is that a will is always revocable: the testator can reconsider and nullify what was previously written. This brings us to the issue of […]

Understanding Paternity Disavowal: A Legal Overview

Understanding Paternity Disavowal A Legal Overview

Discovering that one is not the biological father of a child, previously believed to be one’s own, allows for paternity disavowal, absolving all paternal responsibilities. How does the process of paternity disavowal work? What evidence must be presented to the court to demonstrate a physical relationship between the mother and another individual? In general, the […]

Understanding Home Return in Separation: Legal Guidelines

Understanding Home Return in Separation Legal Guidelines

In the realm of separation with children, the assignment of the right to reside in the marital home, a measure undertaken solely in such cases, is not perpetual. This right ceases when its intended purpose concludes – ensuring that the offspring can continue to grow in the same domestic environment without enduring additional traumas beyond the dissolution of […]