Responsibilities of a Miserly Stingy and Aggressive Spouse

Responsibilities of a Miserly Stingy and Aggressive Spouse

In cases of marital separation, behaviors such as excessive parsimony and aggression may lead to blame, according to a recent ruling by the Cassation Court. The ordinance (n. 31827, 15.11.2023) serves as an example, emphasizing that these actions can constitute a violation of marital duties, justifying blame for the guilty spouse.

Among the duties of spouses is the obligation to contribute to the family’s needs, either through income or domestic work. The violation of this duty can result in blame, a statement made by the judge during separation, attributing responsibility for the marriage breakdown to one spouse.

The examined case highlighted that the excessively parsimonious and obsessive attitude of the husband was deemed contrary to marital obligations, sufficient grounds for assigning blame. Miserliness turning into aggressive behavior can also be considered family abuse, and forcing family members into unnecessary economic hardship is a crime of violating family assistance obligations.

To claim blame, one must act in a civil manner, highlighting the conduct in the separation case. For the punishment of crimes, filing a complaint is necessary.

In the realm of criminal law, the article discusses the concept of “palo” or lookout, emphasizing its potential legal consequences. Being a lookout during a crime can be considered a crime itself, with the severity of punishment depending on the active or passive contribution to the criminal act. The importance of the lookout’s role is evaluated by the judge, who may differentiate the punishment based on the actual contribution.

In conclusion, the article provides legal insights into the responsibilities of a miserly, stingy, and aggressive spouse in the context of marital separation, as well as the legal implications of being a lookout in criminal activities.

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