Marriage abroad and registration in Italy: how to proceed?

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A marriage contracted abroad is equivalent to a civil marriage celebrated in Italy. Clearly, the marriage act must comply with the prerequisites required by our civil code, such as ‘free status’.

Therefore, the marriage will be valid regardless of its transcription in the Italian civil-status registers.

What is the transcription for?

An Italian citizen who contracts a marriage abroad does not need to proceed with marriage publications, unless the celebration takes place before a consular authority, at which point the publication must be carried out at the consular office where the celebration is to take place. If you wish to make the marriage public in Italy as well, you must proceed with the registration.

What is the procedure for transcribing the marriage in Italy?

The marriage record celebrated abroad must first be translated and legalized:

– the legalization is carried out through the Italian Consular Authority abroad;

– the translation into Italian must conform to the text in the foreign language and is made by the Italian Consular Authority abroad or by a translator with a signature that is also legalized by the Consulate or by Apostille.

Once the legalization and translation of the marriage certificate have been obtained, it must be sent to the civil registrar of the Municipality of residence of, at least, one of the spouses.

For those who are more urgent to see the marriage record transcribed, it is also possible to request the transcription of the marriage in Italy from a foreign country.

In this case, it will be necessary to apply to the foreign civil registrar’s office to send the original marriage record (translated and legalized) to the Italian diplomatic or consular representation, which will see to its transmission to Italy for transcription in the civil-status registers of the competent Municipality.

By following the procedure indicated, no problems should arise, since the only reason that prevents transcription is that it is contrary to Italian public order.

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