Italian Startup VISA

Working Permit

If you are planning to move to Italy to start or to join an innovative startup business, then you can apply for a specific startup visa.  If you need more information about it, read our article on our VGS Corporate Lawyers website. Arrange an appointment today

Self-employment VISA

Immigration permit

The visa for self-employment (USV or NV) allows the entry to Italy, for a short or long-term stay, for a fixed or an indefinite period, to the foreigner who intends to carry out a professional or work activity (industrial, craft, commercial) of a non-subordinate nature, o to set up a corporation or a company, or […]

A guide to Italian working permit

If you are planning to move to Italy and to find employment there, you might need to get a work visa in the first place; but, before that, you have to make sure if you need any permit at all. In fact, depending on your nationality, a visa might not be necessary. To understand the […]