Inheritance and Child Support: Are they Linked?

Inheritance and Child Support Are they Linked
Is a child entitled to a lesser share of the inheritance if they received more financial support during their parents’ lifetime? When it comes to inheritance, the law treats all children equally. Regardless of birth order, legitimacy, or adoption status, children have equal inheritance rights. However, this does not preclude parents from providing different levels of support during their lifetime. The question arises: is child support factored into inheritance? Let’s consider a scenario with two children: one secures employment early, while the other remains financially dependent on the parents into adulthood. Does the child who received more support over a more extended period have a reduced inheritance share? In essence, is the financial assistance provided to a child subtracted from their legal share? Let’s explore what the law dictates. Key Points:
  1. Child Support Defined: Child support is a legal obligation based solely on the act of parenthood, irrespective of the relationship status between parents (married, cohabiting, etc.).
  2. Methods of Child Support: Support can be direct, involving providing necessities directly, or indirect, usually involving financial contributions, often seen in cases of parental separation.
  3. Duration of Child Support: Children are financially supported until they achieve economic independence, regardless of their age. Legal precedents occasionally attempt to set a fixed limit to the right to child support.
Is Child Support Factored into Inheritance? The law does not explicitly connect child support received during a parent’s lifetime to the child’s inheritance share. Inheritance rights remain equal among children, irrespective of the support received. The principle of equality in inheritance is maintained, emphasizing that all children have an equal claim to their parent’s estate, regardless of financial support differentials. In summary, while parents may provide varying levels of support to their children during their lifetime, inheritance rights remain uniform, ensuring an equal share for all children when it comes to the distribution of the estate. VGS Lawyers is a law firm specialised in Family Law. Should you need assistance please  send your enquiry to:
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